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Updated: 25-Feb-2015

Livorno EM School empowers students to be life-long learners in a global society through an exemplary  standards-based  education. In partnership with the community, our school will provide a learning environment which is nurturing, safe, and respectful, enabling each child to reach her/his fullest potential


Are you coming to Camp Darby with a student?
Please contact the School Liaison Officer at DSN 633-8084
commercial from the US 011-39-050-54-8084.

e-mail the School Liaison Officer (
e-mail the non-DOD program (

Due to the closure of Livorno High School parents should be aware of the educational options for high school age children before accepting an assignment  to Livorno. Parents are encouraged to contact the Non DoD Schools Program for further information regarding educational options. Click here for more information.



Principal's Welcome Letter


Please see the Links page for information on the new School Report Card program and the currant calendar.


School Mailing Address
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Livorno Unit School
Unit 31301, Box 66
APO AE 09613-0005

DSN - 633-7573
From USA - 011-39-050-54-7573
From Italy - 050-54-7573
Fax - 011-39-050-54-2296

School Hours - Students: 0800 - 1430
School Hours - Office: 0800 - 1600
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